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Social media coach, Whistler mom of 3, marketer & outdoor lover 🎿
I help realtors and business owners succeed with Social Media!

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I recently posted some photos of me hiking the Whistler Blackcomb High Note trail on Instagram Story (@catherineaird) and it prompted a LOT of questions. I’ll share with you the ins and out of this spectacular mountain run (hike) and my suggestions for a successful outing.  See my notes about *Hiking with Kids** and my Gear […]

High Note Trail in Whistler Summer 2022 Updates

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Kids dressed up for a french wedding


What to wear in Paris and London Mid September Tristan (teenager, 15y) Hat3 undies 3 socks2 collar shirtA nice sweater or jacketTwo comfy dress pants (lululemon/Zara) or 1 and  1 jeans 1 shortRain jacket (ideally and not sports one or at least black)Pj – toiletries 1 black Vans3 t-shirts1 hoodieshorts – could be swimsuit if hotel poolCharger […]

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What to Wear: Fall in Paris/London + wedding.

Fuel for fat Loss Meal Prepping

Fuel For Fat Loss

What I have learned from 2 months of active healthy meal prepping + tips and tricks.  Since I started the Fuel for Fat Loss program, I have been putting some time and effort in meal prepping. I used to try to have an idea by lunch time of what we would be eating for dinner […]

The Magic of Meal Prepping

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Fuel For Fat Loss

Je l’ai fait! J’ai perdu mon «ventre COVID» en 30 jours avec Fuel For Fat Loss. Pas de rĂ©gime fou. Sans blague. #changeur de jeu. Allez-y 🙂 En savoir plus ici. Ressources gratuites ci-dessous. Divulgation rapide: lorsque vous cliquez sur le lien pour acheter quelque chose sur cette page, cela ne vous coĂ»tera pas plus […]

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Comment j’ai perdu mon «ventre COVID» en 30 jours.

Catherien Aird Life Changer Fuel for Fat Loss

Fuel For Fat Loss

{Version française ici, merci!} I did it! I Lost my “COVID belly” in 30 days with Fuel For Fat Loss. No crazy diet. No joke. #gamechanger. Go for it 🙂 Learn more here. Free resources below. Quick Disclosure: when you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won’t cost you more but […]

How I lost my “COVID belly” in 30 days.

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Parkhurst Ghost Town Whistler House


Whistler PARKHURST / Ghost Town.
Whistler Bike Trail – Run – easy (kinda): 10km to 20km return depending if you turn around at Parkhurst or carry on to Wedge.🌿

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Whistler PARKHURST / Ghost Town


Farm-to-table jianbing kickstarter, mixtape taxidermy actually scenester. Asymmetrical tattooed locavore meggings YOLO organic pabst forage.

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