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What to Wear: Fall in Paris/London + wedding.

What to wear in Paris and London Mid September

Tristan (teenager, 15y)

3 undies 3 socks
2 collar shirt
A nice sweater or jacket
Two comfy dress pants (lululemon/Zara) or 1 and  1 jeans 
1 short
Rain jacket (ideally and not sports one or at least black)
Pj – toiletries 
1 black Vans
3 t-shirts
1 hoodie
shorts – could be swimsuit if hotel pool
Charger and adapter

Me, Catherine, 45y

2 white nice t-shirts
2 blouses
3 undies 3 socks,3 bras
1 warm sweater (colour)
1 wrap sweater or chale – cozy on the plane
1 cardigan or light blazer
1 maxi dress
1 black short (iro Paris – high waste)
1 charcoal or black jeans
2 dresses, one casual one more dress up (wedding)
Wedding Hat, scarf
Raincoat (trench if you have) – ideally not too sporty, black.
and/or leather jacket
Small umbrella
Little purse and light tote bag
Pj – toiletries -ask if hairdryer or not
Swimsuit if hotel pool
Vega white sneakers, heels (I had Anine Bing white boots), 1 pair of flat shoes and/ or comfy ankle leather boots ( lambskin Doc Martens or other)
Adapters, chargers, business cards to give to friends we meet
an extra suitcase that folds for bringing extras back.

Sholto, dad, 47y
3 undies, 3 socks
Campers leather shoes, dress up kinda sneakers
3 t shirts
2 long sleeve shirts, 1 dress shirt
1 lightweight rain jacket
1 shorts – could be swimsuit 
Kakis + other pants (no jeans), well, maybe Jeans?
Suit (wedding)
Sunglasses and portable coffee grinder and aero press 
Adapter, charger

Colin 9y

2 sweaters , one dress up one cotton 
3 t-shirts
3 underwear’s and socks
Short and long sleeves shirts
Shorts (swimsuit) – Vans
Charger, headphones, crayons, sketch book
1 pair of black Vans shoes
1 “clean pants” 1 normal ones 

Chloe 7y
Headphones, crayons, book, sketch book, couple small toys
1 dress-up dress, 1 simple one
2 leggings
1 short
1 jeans 
4 t shirts
1 cute cardigan, one sweater
5 undies and socks
Bathing suit
Rain jacket
Dress up shoes (sparkly converse) and normal vans


Bring workout stuff if gym at hotel but all the walking and jet lag is not conducive to go for runs.

Ask if they have washing machine and hairdryers at the air b&b

Being jet lag makes it for kids to wake up late so planning late night activities being feasible for kids (Paris at night in bateau bus etc)

Paris: buy book of 10 tickets for kids and adults, valid on buses and metro. Keep tickets in case you need it to exit. Avoid Taxis, think Uber, ask for an idea of how much it will cost you before you go – especially from the airport. Find out the average cost of going from the airport and have the driver agree to that fee).

Download the Lime app for electric scooters and figure out if you need wifi to access it. Not ideal for kids (need to be a certain age) . Get a bike route map.

London: Get the travel card for the underground, ask for taxis, for a family sometimes it’s the same price to cab it than taking the underground.

Buy thickets for sites in advance (both cities)


September 23, 2021

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