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Fuel For Fat Loss

The Magic of Meal Prepping

What I have learned from 2 months of active healthy meal prepping + tips and tricks. 

Since I started the Fuel for Fat Loss program, I have been putting some time and effort in meal prepping. I used to try to have an idea by lunch time of what we would be eating for dinner and I would try to plan our meals for the weekend at our lake access cottage but it has always been a bit of a last minute affair. To keep up with FFFL I had to up my game as it has been a LIFE CHANGER for me and my family.

☀️ FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM AND MY EXPERIENCE HERE: My Fuel For Fat Loss Story. Use my link to register and let me know so I can help you out xx 💕 Fuel For Fat Loss Info. You will find a resource section at the bottom of this page. The next FFFL session starts soon, don’t miss out. #lifechanger

Speaking of life changing, I had such great results with the program (look at before and after photos + real life changing story here) that I joined up to be a Fuel for Fat Loss Life Changer, see disclosure below*. Trust me,  if I can do this, so can you!

Fuel for fat loss meal prepping
Weekly Meal Prep guided by the Fuel to Fat Loss pro 🙂


No thinking involved on a daily basis 

One-time grocery shop (great in COVID line up times)

One-time big cooking event (that tends to attract friends and family.  Get them involved!)  

Free time during the week to just quick prep or re-heat, sit down and eat!  

And if you are trying to lose weight or  clean up your eating habits, having food prepped takes “cheating” out of the equation. Winner.

Morning Exhilir Fuel for Fat Loss  catherine Aird Life Changer
Breakfast meal prep, double recipe. Morning Exilir – recipe book.


1. Look at your upcoming week and write down what you are planning to eat. Fuel for Fat Loss has a great weekly template, shopping list and recipes. Remember to add family friendly items so you don’t have to go shopping twice. Some essential lunch items or add-ons to your FFFL detox plan (healthy bread for the kids to dip in their veggie chili for example).  WRITE IT DOWN!

2. Think of adding one or two simple new recipes a week and maybe one or two smoothie ideas. GET this Smoothies ebook, again, Life Changer.

3. SET TIME ASIDE. First for unpacking and cleaning everything. This is really going to help you eat all the veggies you bought and not have old wet lettuce dead in the crisper. 

THEN a good two hours to prep and cook. Might sound like a lot but you will save so much time overall. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that you have one less thing to worry about. You will feel in control, on it, and good to go all week. Sold? 

4. Start checking out some recipes you can make in advance, items you can easily freeze, what can survive for a while in the refrigerator as well as sauces, marinades and dressings that store well so you can make them in larger quantities. 

5. Put music on and GO for IT!


1. Smoothie ingredients in freezer Ziploc bags with a note on how much and what liquid to add (ex. 2 cup coconut water).

2. Make salad dressings, veggie bowl sauce, Morning Elixir all in x 7 batches and save in mason jars.

3. Cut,  grate, clean and or cook purple cabbage, carrots, edamames, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce.  Any fresh vegetables that will last in the fridge so you can easily cook a meal or make a salad or bowl.

4. Double the recipe on meals you can freeze and have some for the week and some frozen for later. Chili, spinach egg muffins, steel cut oats, quinoa…

5- Roast or marinate what you can right away. Tofu, chicken, root vegetables. 

6. Get your snacks and portions DIALED. Make a snack mix and separate it in portions. Make energy balls, oatmeal banana cookies cookies, hummus, prepare crudités, roast edamames and chickpeas.

Top Tips to Get the Whole Family Eating Healthy
Blog Post by Simone Lovell featuring my baby girl Chloé 💕

7. It’s ok to CHEAT. In an ideal world we would all bike to the farmers market to get our fresh veggies but it’s ok to buy spinach in a bag, salad in a box, pre made hummus. Be conscious of packaging and look at ingredients.

8. I have a little shelf dedicated to my Fuel  for Fat Loss go-to ingredients. Pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, peanut butter, chia seeds, oats, cinnamon, Goji berries. I also keep my measuring spoons and cup there so I can reach out easily. 

9.  I make up to 5 Overnight Oats breakfast in mason jars and just add berries in the morning. THE BEST. I’m addicted.

10. Remember that life often gets in the way and if you can only prep for the day when you had planned a week it’s OK. You are already ahead of the game by even just thinking about it all. It will get easier and you will get better at it. 

Clean homemade chicken & veggie soup.

Extra meat from the soup used for quick salad prep.


This is what I have invested in over the years and that I use almost on a daily basis and for sure on meal prep days

Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor
Measuring spoons, measuring cups.
All sorts of containers: mason jars, cheap Tupperware that the kids can lose without me freaking out, Ziplock freezer bags, recycled jars and containers.

I had a lot of fun cooking and taking photos for this post (and only one cry haha). I hope it will help you on your Fuel for Fat Loss Journey and in your day to day life. 

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Fuel For Fat Loss Info and Registration

*As an official Fuel for Fat Loss Life Changer, some of the links in my posts are affiliate links which means when you click the link to sign up or purchase something on this page, it won’t cost you more but I may receive a commission for sharing this with you. Which is great, because I was going to share it with you anyway!

If you happen to use my link to sign up for the program, please let me know so I can be there to support you and answer any questions you might have. Please email me at Let’s do this!

If your goal is to feel healthy, feel strong, feel empowered and fit your favourite clothes. This program is for you. Happy prepping!

xox Catherine

p.s Thank you Simone Lovell for creating such a smart program 💕

Find out more about me on Instagram @catherineaird, what I do at Feel free to reach out in the comment fields below.
Catherien Aird Life Changer Fuel for Fat Loss
How I lost my “COVID belly” in 30 days.


September 9, 2020

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