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Content Hack #1 ~ Go Evergreen.

Content Creation Hack #1 ~ Evergreen Content and Why it is Essential for Your Business.

Social media is great for brand awareness and to promote your products and services. We often use social media to talk about trending topics, new and newsworthy events in our business, share fun and inspiring photos. Usually, the majority of the content we create is at  more surface level and is intended to reach a wide audience. People might Like, share, or comment on your posts but this content will eventually get pushed down in the newsfeeds.

Posting on Facebook, Instagram and other platform is great for brand awareness and a good, mostly free, marketing tool. But remember, IT IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING! Especially with all the hacking going on these days, owning your content and having it sit on a platform that you control (your website) is key.

To position yourself as an authority in your field you need to create content of service. Content that people will want to save and refer to. We call it evergreen content. While there might be a gradual increase or decrease in interest over time in the long term, this type of content is not impacted by seasonality. 

People will find value in it, and it will help with steady and long term growth. It is also an excellent way to create quality content that can be repurposed as “snippets” on your social media. You can share a section of your blog periodically and send people to your website to learn more. Or do a video about it.

Example of evergreen content for businesses and real estate agents.

Ask yourself: 

  • Q. What do you want to be known for? 
  • Q. Who is your target audience?
  • Q. What would _(my target audience)___ find interesting?
  • Q. What are the Top Ten questions I get asked the most frequently?
  • Q. What questions have I been asked recently?
  • Q. What questions should my clients BE ASKING themselves and haven’t thought about.

You get the idea. Make a list of ten topics. Think episodic content, like a Netflix series! People love to know that they are starting something and that they have steps to follow to finish it.

Here are some good examples:

Ex. Five Toronto Neighbouhood For Empty Nesters (Toronto Real Estate Agent Blog)

Ex. 4 Things to Know as a First Time Home Buyer in Vancouver (Vancouver Real Estate Agent Blog)

Ex. Best Vegan Baking Cookbooks (Vegan Bakery Blog, Whistler)

Ex. How to Sell Your Home After a Divorce (Toronto Real Estate Agent Blog)

Ex. Lululemon What’s New & The Sweat Edit (Weekly Blog/Vlog)

Other ideas of content:

  • Give your consumers some helpful product info (educate them)
  • Deliver tutorials (How to). Going Live is very good for that.
  • Show the Before, reveal the After. Share tips for DIY
  • Show the process and the people behind your business or brand (behind the scenes).

What format should evergreen content be?

I like starting by writing a blog. It helps me get clarity in the message I want to share and gives me a good video script! 

Think about video, video interviews (Zoom or with the person), Facebook and Instagram Live, article, newsletter…

Here are some tools to help you 🙂

How to Go Live on Facebook

How to Go Live on Instagram

How to Go Live on Instagram Split Screen

Instagram Live Practice Mode

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May 12, 2022

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